Insects & Illustrations

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My current job is a freelance animator. Sometimes the projects I work on aren’t the most creative…and slowly kill me on the inside… So I’ve decided to, no matter what, make my own artwork with whatever free time I have during the day. I find nothing worse than falling into a terribly uncreative lull, not wanting to make art, and not having any passion to do it.
I have A TON of footage/photos from my microscope that I’ve taken over the past two years, so I thought I could put it to good use and make something out of it. I also have had little glimpses of things I want to illustrate that show my relationship with insects/the microscopic world, and in what ways it has affected me positively and negatively. So here are some exercises I’ve done over the course of this week!

cat_people“Cat People” Mixed Media, November 2013


“Your Home is My Head” Mixed Media, November 2013

jonathan_plant“Fruit After The Storm” Mixed Media, November 2013

when_we_became_one“Becoming One” Mixed Media, November 2013

bee-queen_03“Queen Bee” Illustration, November 2013

the_grasshopper_and_i“The Grasshopper and I” Mixed Media, November 2013

my_date_with_the_rhino“My Date With The Rhino” Mixed Media, November 2013